Hartmeyer Stables Boarding

Hartmeyer Stables has attentive staff with your horse's care in mind.  We offer large, grassy fields for group turnout or personal paddocks for individual turnout.  We provide a fun, drama free environment for you to focus on enjoying your horse.  Hartmeyers provides a diverse setting with a range of disciplines including Saddle Seat, Western, English, and Pleasure riding.
Our amenities include: wash stall for bathing, with hot and cold water; heated/cooled viewing room; a large indoor arena with low-dust footing; a large outdoor arena; jumps, barrels, and poles; and a wooded trail.
We also have a lesson program to join if you're interested, as well as training for your horse if needed.
Barn hours: 7:00 A.M. - 11:00 P.M.


Full Care Option/$500 per month

Our full care option is perfect for covering all of your horse's daily needs.  Hartmeyers supplies quality hay, grain, and bedding.  We include, daily:

  • morning and evening hay feeding

  • morning and evening grain feeding

  • supply of clean water in stall and field or paddock

  • turning out to field or paddock in the morning and bringing into stall in the evening

  • cleaning of stall and supplying of fresh bedding

Self Care Option/$300 per month


Our self care option is a good choice for the boarder who comes out every day and likes doing their own chores. You supply your own feed and bedding, clean your own stall, and bring your horse in from their field or paddock in the evening.  We include, daily:

  • morning hay feeding of your hay

  • morning grain feeding of your grain

  • turning out to field or paddock in the morning